Monday, January 12, 2009

"Touchwood" 2009 - the first one ...

... Where the music isn't too loud. Mostly acoustic, from veteran and new talents. To make you listen.

Venue: VR1 Cafe, Block A, Damansara Intan, Petaling Jaya
Showtime: 9pm, Jan 24 (Sat), 2009
Entrance: RM15 only
Contact: 03-7729 4255
Featuring the legendary SAM PONNUDORAI, MARKIZA & PETER BROWN, NORTON 500, ZUBIRA & special guests SQUARECIRCLES

They say all he needs to entertain are a nylon-string acoustic guitar and a microphone. He's the one and only recipient of the 1990 MUM Best Musician’s Award. He's performed regularly in various pubs and hotels in the Klang Valley, Kuantan and Penang - you can catch him at the Little Penang Sunday Market once a month these days.
Sam plays mostly the blues and a little other stuff. The likes of Ray Charles, Jose Feliciano, BB King, James Taylor, etc, etc, are all up his alley, and then, there are his own songs.
Sam performs mostly with just his guitar, a nylon-stringed thin body acoustic electric which has seen better days, and his custom made Gibson Les Paul Jr.

Peter Brown aka Hassan and Markiza are the husband-and-wife team that have been writing music together and performing for over two decades. Hassan has released a number of solo works, gong back to the 1970s, while the duo have also recorded under the guise of Passion (two albums) in the 1990s, and more recently, Soft Touch (one album). They have an independent label, Lemang Music.
Currently, Hassan is putting songs together for another solo album, and he and Markiza have been writing and performing new songs about the environment, refugees and the threat to the planet.

Zubira is a singer/songwriter/guitarist whose music is a fusion of old school and modern rock, blues, alternative and pop. His debut album, Like Never Before, was released under his own indie label, Zeztone Productions.
He has worked with indie film producer/director Linus Chung in a local Chinese movie, A Note of Love, for which he wrote two new songs. His single, Never Mine, from the debut album, was also featured in the movie.

Planes, trains and automobiles get you where you want to go; but really, only a motorcycle can offer one mobility as well as romance and yes, death on two wheels... Oh wait! This is supposed to be an introduction to Norton 500, the acoustic side project of The Dolphin Conspiracy's Edward Gomez and Chris Felix, NOT the motorcycle!
Edward and Chris endeavor to provide anyone who cares to listen with musical snippets of life, romance and death. True, you don't get the wind in your hair, dust in your eyes, soot on your new white shirt and flies in your face; but perhaps, that's just as well.
Norton 500 are currently in the midst of recoding their debut release, tentatively titled the Parallel Lines EP, which they hope will do even better, commercially and critically, than Blondie's similarly named third album.

SquareCircles, a relatively new, geometrically-challenged, semi-acoustic band from the Klang Valley formed in October, 2008. They play mostly original material ... in whatever style they feel like playing, with elements of the blues, folks, surf and country. They will play for money, or hope to, some day. Until then, they'll take any gig that'll take them. Their songs are about songs about songs about ... oh, just come and listen!

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