Sunday, January 25, 2009

The gig

It all went down pretty well; despite the CNY holidays ahead, we had a reasonable crowd ... Zubira warmed them up, Norton 500 kept the spirits flowing, SquareCircles did their unpredictable stuff, the acoustic Soft Touch wowed them and Julian Mokktar blew 'em away with his sheer artistry. Thanks to all that came and others who helped out.

We like to thank these excellent people for making "Touchwood" happen and seeing it through:

All the bands
The management of VR1 (for letting us use of the place)
Ann Marie (for the organisation and ticketing)
John (for the flyer art)
Lohan (for keeping it flying high)
Lemang Music (for having Hassan Peter Brown)
Geraldine Loh of Rock Unite Inc & Julian (we owe you both)
Wong Lip Kee (for being the impromptu soundman)

Another edition coming up ...

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